The Younger Generation Will Lead!

The Younger Generation Will Lead!


At Peacemakers International, one of the things that we do is travel around and fellowship with many different churches, in many different directions.

As I have been moving about lately, I have been noticing a pattern wherever I go.  The Younger Generation is taking the bull by the horns, and moving to the forefront!

It is exciting to see!  There is a unique move of God happening with teenagers and people in their 20’s.  It seems to us that there is an “expedited” moving of the Spirit that is accelerating these youth well beyond their years!  What took many of us 10, 20, or 30 years to obtain, we see our younger counterparts obtaining more rapidly the same blessings of the Spirit!

We did admonish and remind the younger crowd to remember those who have gone before them and prepared the way.  The “Seniors” in the Lord obviously still have a lot to offer, and they bring much needed wisdom, maturity, and stability to the table.  We reminded the younger to continue to respect and receive from their elders, and that the elders acknowledge that the younger has something to offer them, too!

God is looking to bridge the gaps between all races, denominations, and generations.  Let’s pull together and work with God to maximize the upcoming harvest of the earth, in Jesus Name!

Peacemakers has openings for praise and worship teams from all over to come and lead services in Detroit, MI.  Come and be a part of the exciting move of God happening right now in Detroit!

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