Detroit – The Convergence


Detroit – The Convergence

Converge – To move or come together at the same point from different places or directions.

As the years tick on, an increasing number of believers from around the world are becoming aware that God has major plans for Detroit! Many from near and far are excited about this, and have been seeking God for the fulfillment of the things He has spoken over this great city.

Peacemakers International is an established ministry in Detroit that has been in place since 1994. Since our humble beginnings, we have also seen and prophesied many times a great coming move of God.

Our grounds in the city of Detroit have been open for the last 20 years to the Body of Christ to come and use their gifts, talents, callings, and abilities to reach out to others in the name of Jesus. Peacemakers International is Neutral Christian Territory. We have no denominational, economic, racial, or social barriers. We have always viewed the Body of Christ as One. We endeavor to be obedient to the Holy Spirit to do our part, and work together with God to make His body One. Throughout the years, 200+ ministries have come and participated in activities at Peacemakers in one form or another, as we’ve had our doors wide open to every true believer in Jesus Christ. This has been an effective strategy in winning the lost to Christ!

Peacemakers International has been led to establish a new opportunity to facilitate the gathering of God’s people. It is for the true seekers, the true believers, regardless of denominational affiliation, stream, vein, or camp they may be a part of. We realize that this is not about camp mentality, it is not about our group vs. your group. This is about God making His people One by His Spirit!

On September 15, 2013 at 6 p.m. The Convergence will begin, and it will be every Sunday evening and open to the whole body of Christ.

Jesus prayed that we would be One – and our aim is to help facilitate a moving of God’s Spirit to break down walls that have existed in His Body. Believers will converge upon Detroit from near and from far, as Chene St. is one of the “hotspots” that God has chosen to bring His people together! Out of the dust and ashes will rise a people giving glorious praise to God, and from that offering He will send His Spirit and pour out a blessing!

Ultimately, there will be a World-wide Convergence upon Chene St/Detroit, and we invite you to come and partake of the first fruits!

We welcome born again believers and ministries everywhere to come and worship the King of Kings together with us!  Anybody is welcome to come to any gathering, with no advanced notice!

Also, we are looking for seasoned ministry teams to come and lead these gatherings with us!  The idea is to have a shared platform as leaders from different ministries partner to lead in prayer, praise and worship, and speaking!  The goal is simply to flow in the agenda of the Holy Spirit.  If you are interested, please fill out the form below!

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