Our Native American Families


Our Native American Families


A place in need of healing. Much brokenness and despair. A feeling of “people don’t care”, a “we’ve been left alone to die and disappear from the face of the earth.” Many cries from many of our hearts from many generations have come up to the ears of the Creator. He has heard us, we must believe, or we will cease to exist. No one will answer the cries of our hearts to come help us, so that we may live and not die? Send someone, anybody, great Creator, to aid us and assist us in our time of suffering and sorrow! Send someone, before it is too late!

Yes Lord, we at Peacemakers International hear the cries of the oppressed! You have opened our ears to hear the cries of the innocent ones! We must go, before it is too late. We must respond now, while there is yet breath and life. We must be the vehicle of hope to bring the Good News of the everlasting God, the God of mercy and comfort, who will not leabe His people alone. He will come to their aid, through us! We will bring them the hope they need and long for. The hope of Jesus Christ, the light of the world. We will bring them the peace of God, Jesus Christ. He will reveal Himself to them! They will hear, they will respond, they will come! We are a band of warriors, like none other, afraid of nothing, never looking back, selfless, self-sacrificing, and lifeless as far as their own lives are concerned. Live poured out for others, suffering and in need of a drink from the well of life everlasting, a drink that will satisfy their thirst forever!

Peacemakers To The Rez

Since 2003, we have been very privileged to make 5 visits to the Pineridge and Rosebud Reservations in South Dakota.  It has been a great blessing to meet and build relationships with a number of our Native brothers and sisters in that area.  We value these relationships, and are prayerfully seeking how we can continue to be a blessing to them, and continue to share the love of Jesus.   We are planning on making another trip there in the summer of 2013!  Posted are photos from some of our previous visits…enjoy!

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