What We Do

Peacemakers International is a hub in the city of Detroit – a center of activity for several Kingdom initiatives….

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 1. Reaching Out – On the 3rd Saturday of every month we put on an “outreach” for the people of Detroit!  Its a great time where the homeless and others come and receive the love of Christ.  We are always joined by other ministries who bring down teams of people ready to reach out….

2. Mentoring – The Jesus House and Mercy House exist to take in men and women who are in need of 24/7 care and structure.  Ongoing mentoring is available for others who choose to involve themselves in our activities.

3. Worship – We have a vision for a 24/7 worship center, where God will truly be enthroned in the praises of His people!  And for the present, many different praise and worship teams stream thru Peacemakers to participate in our services or outreaches! 

4. Projects – There are always a variety of hands on projects to be completed!  Opportunites abound for individuals or groups to make a difference in this way….

Peacemakers International is a platform for the body of Christ.  We have been established as a place where ministry teams from around the globe can come and partner with us in the work that God is doing in the city of Detroit!

We are a cross cultural ministry that emphasizes unity in the body of Christ.  Many individuals and ministries have found out thru Peacemakers that it is possible to come and serve the Lord alongside of other believers in Jesus who are different than themselves!  








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